In addition to the striking mechanism, the watch has a fully integrated alarm with specific power reserve indicator.

Alarm with its own gong and gradual striking Alarm position indicator: Silent/Strike
- S: Silent
- R: Alarm Strike
Choice of normal alarm or carillon striking alarm indicator
- N: Normal alarm
- C: Carillon alarm
Alarm mechanism coupled to the carillon striking mechanism Alarm strikes in petite or grande sonnerie mode
- PS: Petite Sonnerie
- GS: Grande Sonnerie
Alarm striking indicator: Chime

The alarm mechanism offers the possibility of choosing between a Westminster carillon and a simple strike of its own gong that has a different tone to the carillon. When, at the desired time, the alarm is triggered and starts to strike in a regular fashion, the energy in the alarm barrel winds down until the striking comes to a complete stop. The spring can then be rewound using the embedded button so that the alarm is ready for the next program.

The display offers a glimpse of the exclusive dual-alarm system created by Vacheron Constantin.
"C" for Westminster carillon or "N" for normal alarm.
When the Westminster carillon is selected, a choice of two striking patterns is offered: grande or petite sonnerie.
When the normal alarm is selected, the alarm sounds when a single gong is struck by a single hammer, in contrast to the gongs that play the Westminster melody.

The choice of alarm striking modes given to the wearer is a new feature by Vacheron Constantin that is unique to the Reference 57260 watch.

System for blocking the striking mechanism when alarm barrel fully unwound
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